Points You Must Know About Digital Marketing

In the today’s fast growing world people don’t have much time to go shopping and select their choice and try it which take more than an hour and if there is a crowd in the shop then it would take more than 2-3 hour and no one wants to waste their precious time in just buying the stuff during weekends instead of enjoying it. For this crisis situation, the Digital Marketing has been introduced in the market.
The Digital Marketing gives a large platform to the consumer for shopping from the home with the range of abundant verities of products with amazing offers. Digital Marketing save not only your time but will also save you lots of money and you can enjoy your weekends without any disturbance. There are also a large number of online marketing agency and digital marketing agency in the market like Pro Creation, 360 Digital partner etc. which will help you in promoting your products and online advertising. Every day many Digital Marketing companies understand the importance of digital marketing and is not an optional strategy in marketing.
The online sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra etc gives you an opportunity to shop from home and will give you amazing discounts also. Moreover, they will also give you the facility of home delivery which will be totally free of cost. And in case of any failure of any electronic product or any defective piece they will exchange it without troubling you. The online marketing has really given relief to many working people as they can’t take out some time from their busy schedule. The use of social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. are used for receiving both positive and negative feedback from the companies.
Apart from this online shopping, the new type of service has been initiated in the market i.e. Food deliver from your favorite restaurant. The android app like Food Panda, Swiggy, etc. provides you free food delivery from directly chief’s kitchen to your doorstep and gives you 24×7 service.
There are different types of digital marketing:-
1) Email marketing: – It is a type of marketing in which the company mail the details of their products to every person and make them aware about their brand and about the different types of discounts.
2) Display Advertising: – As the term infers, Online Display Advertisement deals with showcasing promotional messages or ideas to the consumer on the INTERNET. This includes a wide range of advertisements like advertising blogs, networks, interstitial ads, contextual data, ads on the search engines, classified or dynamic advertisement etc. The method can target specific audience tuning in from different types of locals to view a particular advertisement, the variations can be found in the most productive element of this method.
3) Social Media Marketing:- When we use social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ etc. for the promotion of their products then this type of marketing is known as Social Media Marketing.
4) Marketing through video advertisement:- Whenever we are watching any video on YouTube or Facebook there comes an add of 5-10 seconds. That ad displays about the brand and their products. This is known as Marketing through video advertisement.
5) SEO digital marketing:- The search engines like Google gives you a platform where you can search for anything you need and that will give you a wide range of results. This will also give you the opportunity to compare the prices of the same product of a different brand.
In the end, I would like to conclude that there is a much larger scope in the field of Digital marketing business and services in the future. And it will play a vital role in the growth of any company and will easily convey there message to directly to the consumer.

Antioxidants, Free Radicals, and Sports Nutrition

As you know, I am a physician. It’s part of my profession to keep abreast of what’s happening in medical /health research. Being retired helps, because doctors simply do not generally have the “extra time” to devote to the scientific literature.

But I do. And I love it. I am one of those individuals who really enjoys …brace yourself…chemistry. When I’m done here, you should be excited too, especially if you are interested in sports nutrition and antioxidants, though not necessarily in that order.

Sports nutrition is a vast industry with emphasis on optimizing PERFORMANCE. Off hand, I can think of quite a few categories involving sports nutrition:

* sports nutrition and supplements for athletes,

* sports nutrition and athletic performance,

* sports nutrition and body building,

* sports nutrition and endurance training,

* sports nutrition and special diets in a variety of sports,

* sports nutrition and strength training,

* sports nutrition for running, jogging, walking, skiing, swimming

* There’s even Rocky Mountain sports nutrition

* …the list is endless.

So far, no surprises, huh? Well, here’s one for you. Did you know that when you exercise intensively you INCREASE the free radical burden in your body? If you’re a serious sports enthusiast, you should know that.

But…the real news is what science is now finding out about that free radical burden of yours. You should pay close attention here.

Suddenly, chemistry gets real personal.

Everyone of us has, what may be called, our antioxidant protective capacity. That means our bodies normally utilize antioxidants to protect us against the harmful impact of free radicals.

First of all, what are antioxidants? They are molecular substances which offset free radical damage to the body. Antioxidants, “quench” free radicals (for lack of a better metaphor) neutralizing their damaging effects on the cells of the body.

* Antioxidants are found in foods such as cranberries, green tea and even chocolate.

* Antioxidants are found in vitamins such vitamin C and E.

* Antioxidants are found in carotenoids such as beta-carotene.

* Antioxidants are found in many substances supplied by the body such as glutathione.

* Antioxidants are found in many herbs and enzymes.

The impact of antioxidants is boosted by glyconutrients to offset free radicals in your body…and, as a result of your athletic exertions.

Antioxidant capacity must be provided in your sports nutrition regimen or you could be “robbing Peter to pay Paul” with your workouts. As you will see, without a glyconutrional presence in your sports nutrition, the healthful gains made by your physical workouts will be offset by your own free radical burden.

Free radicals, sports and sports nutrition

Free radicals are those chemical species which contain one or more unpaired electrons, capable of independent existence. They form in the body due to a variety of reasons as offshoots of cellular activity or as products introduced to the body from the outside.

As an analogy, think of running a car engine as the cellular production
and the car emissions a the free radical production. The engine produces products which cannot stay inside the car without further damage. They simply must be neutralized and expelled.

Free radicals form and cause damage by reacting with many substances in your body. It is estimated that upwards of 200,000 free radical attacks occur in our bodies daily.

When free radical damage is done, the body can remove the compounds formed by its cellular repair system. However, if the body cannot handle the free radicals (with antioxidants for example), nor remove the compounds, then disease can be the result.

Contrary to popular opinion, free radicals do not circulate throughout the body. The half-life of most free radicals varies in a range of a few nanoseconds to about 7 seconds duration. That means they will react within the “neighborhood” (a few Angstroms or microns near where the increase in free radicals occurred) …organs, connective tissue, circulatory or nerve tissue, bone or lymphatic material are all candidates for free radical attack.

Wherever they form, they will damage the surrounding areas, unless prevented by the body…So the body does NOT have the luxury of just filtering away any circulatory fluids to find the free radicals. The body’s defense systems must be…well…fairly omnipresent to neutralize the effects of free radicals. The antioxidant protective system must be healthy.

Since they are highly reactive substances, they react with all sorts of cell elements readily. But, when they do react with your body cells, they can damage the cells and even kill them. Often, the damage from free radicals can CHANGE the cellular structure enough to cause DISEASE such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease and a host of others.

The type of disease that occurs is dependent upon which of the free radical defenses in the body weren’t functioning properly and where the free radical attacks occur.

The body has pretty sophisticated antioxidant defense systems. But, the body CAN get overwhelmed in its antioxidant protections against such free radicals…

Indeed, unless antioxidant enhanced sports nutrition (with glyconutrients) are used to offset the increased free radical burden, the BODY will suffer as a result of intensive sports training, stress, and competition.

Glyconutrients VITAL to sports nutrition …

Studies comparing marathon runners who did and did not take glyconutritional sports nutrition supplements were undertaken. The results were reported by the Proceedings of the Fisher Institute For Medical Research ( August 2003, vol.3, no.1). The results “demonstrated strikingly different patterns.” Antioxidant protection appeared to be powerfully enhanced against free radicals with glyconutritional supplementation. Thus, the body was protected for several days after the marathon run.

However, when glyconutritional sports nutrition was NOT used, the damaging effects of the free radical burden appeared to remain in the body for about five days. Thus, the subject “consistently excreted higher concentrations of free radical byproducts…” as compared to that of the glyconutritional subject. It should be emphasized that the subject studied WAS TAKING other antioxidants, though not glyconutrition. Despite that fact, the above cited results were obtained.

That’s another way of saying that when glyconutritional supplements were not used, the free radical burden upon the body was not lifted. Antioxidant protection does appear to be (significantly) strengthened with glyconutritional sports nutrition. Such antioxidant protection appears to be of benefit for athletes overall, including training, stress, competition and dietary issues.

The glyconutrional revolution in sports nutrition and therapy is just beginning. More studies are being done. More results are coming in concerning free radicals and the capacity of the glyconutrients to boost antioxidant affect against free radicals.

Sports nutrition is about to see a new revolution…

Better still. I believe that it is quite probable that, with glyconutrition, sports PERFORMANCE is about to see a revolution in al fields.

Art Schools in PA

There are lots of reasons to go to Pennsylvania: historic sites, horseracing and casinos, scenic country hikes and snow sports, a romantic getaway in the Poconos, or to watch Punxsutawney Phil make his annual spring prediction. However, those seeking a serious art education don’t often think of art schools in PA as major headliners.Pennsylvania may have its share of museums and cultural centers – it can boast The Andy Warhol Museum after all – but it may surprise some that Pennsylvania lands a spot in the top 8 states for art schools.The Art Institute has three locations in PA, but then AI is in just about every state. They have one of the largest, if not the largest, art school franchise in North America, so it’s not surprising that Pennsylvania would rate three locations, if only for its typically east coast population density. The AI location in Philadelphia occupies an Art Deco style historical landmark building, so there’s a nice tie-in with elements of architectural training.Art Institute isn’t the only kid on the block, though. There are a couple of well-known art schools that can offer an education that even the snootiest curator would consider credible..The Pennsylvania College of Art & Design, located in Lancaster, sports a trendy looking downtown storefront close to Gallery Row. The student pursuing a career in fine arts who has a propensity for New England’s ambiance can get a 4-year bachelor’s degree in fine arts, graphic design, illustration, or photography. Both the cultural and natural environments that Pennsylvania offers can be quite inspirational for both the urban and rural minded.There is one stand out that earns Pennsylvania a spot on the top 8 list, and that’s Antonelli Institute located in Erdenheim. As art schools in PA go, Antonelli (I’ll spare you the confusion of abbreviating it as its initials are identical to those of Art Institute,) was founded in 1938 by internationally renowned photographer and artist, Servero Antonelli. Consequently, its focus (pardon the pun,) was geared toward professional and military photographers. It has been a favorite of military veterans looking for solid photographic training.Antonelli Institute earned accreditation in 1975 when it added study programs in Commercial Art. While the range of degree programs is limited to photography and graphic design/commercial art, those narrow courses of study do offer the sort of concentrated exposure (again, no pun intended,) that a person with serious goals in either could greatly benefit from.Oakbridge Academy of Arts boasts an externship program, (what we might have called an apprenticeship not too far in the distant past,) that all enables students to gain hands-on real-life experience in their chosen field of art, be it specialized technology, visual design and photography or digital communications and web design. They offer both diploma and degree programs.While this popular New England state may draw residents, visitors, and nomadic globe trekkers for it other more obvious features, art schools in PA shouldn’t be overlooked by someone wanting to make a career in the art field.