Women’s Fitness – Golden Rules For Women Who Want To Stay Fit

There are certain basic rules that all women need to know about keeping fit and healthy. They are really very simple and do not involve a lot of time or money.Firstly, health and fitness go hand in hand. Fitness is not about attaining a perfect figure. An unnaturally slim woman is not a fit woman. The look that many catwalk models project is frankly unhealthy. A healthy woman has a layer of subcutaneous fat under the skin. It makes her look slightly rounded and soft.One of the most important things you can do for your health and fitness as a woman is to give up smoking. If you live with a smoker then avoid breathing in their secondhand smoke.Another simple step to fitness and much easier than giving up smoking is to drink plenty of water. About four pints of water a day are needed by every woman. Water flushes out the body, keeps the bowels regular and ensures a clear skin.Water also helps to stop you snacking. We often nibble when we are thirsty. If we are well hydrated we tend to eat less between meals.Diet, diet and diet must be the three most important factors in keeping fit as a woman.It is always necessary to eat a well balanced diet. But at different stages of a woman’s life she may need different nutrients. If you are planning to get pregnant then you must pay particular attention to your diet and so on through your life.Not every woman wants to get pregnant but if you do then the best thing you can do for own health and the baby’s health is to breast feed. Breast fed babies have been shown to be more intelligent and less susceptible to allergies. Women who breast feed are less likely to get breast cancer.It is important for every woman to get checked for breast cancer at regular intervals and to be checked for cervical cancer. These are killer diseases and should not be ignored however much we hate internal exams and medical intervention.An incredibly simple measure that many women ignore is to visit their dentist regularly. A dentist can not only deal with tooth decay and gum disease they can spot the early signs of other serious diseases.Similarly you should see an optician particularly as you get older. You optician can warn you of developing problems such as cataracts.All these health professionals have a part to play in maintaining the health of a woman and should not be ignored by any woman who wants to keep fit.Exercise is vital to the fit woman. It is never too late to start exercise. Nor is a woman ever too old to exercise. The key is to tailor the fitness program to the individual woman.Regular exercise is essential to maintaining a healthy weight. Obesity is a common problem among women and can lead to serious health problems.Exercise also helps to avoid other health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes and osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a disease in which the bones loose calcium and become brittle. Exercise can help to prevent that happening.More women than men suffer from senile dementia because they tend to live longer. Exercise has been shown to delay the onset of dementia in elderly people.Finally, one of the key factors in maintaining health and fitness is a rich social life. So make friends, keep friends and practice safe sex.

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